Mirvlyne said I should start a blog

And I was like BITCH (except I wouldn’t say that to Mirvlyne, she wouldn’t appreciate it) YES, I have so much to say.

Since my EST family is always asleep by 9pm PST when I need to ramble on about my problems, and since I’m not in therapy anymore, I have a lot of anxiety and malaise that needs expressing.

I moved to Los Angeles 8 weeks ago, cause I have been saying I was going to move here for the last 4 years.

I do open mics, cause I always wanted to do stand-up comedy and could barely bring myself to admit it but now I’m doing it.

I live in Koreatown, cause I am a white liberal who says things like “gentrification is detrimental to communities of color that have suffered enough” but then I participate in it anyway cause I want to live where I want to live.

I own a ring light, cause I bought one on Amazon for my YouTube videos, but I haven’t even opened the box.

I also own a Roku, which I unpackaged immediately. I have successfully made the mature switch from watching TV all day on my phone to watching TV all day on a real TV device.

I go to the same coffeeshop in a strip mall every single day and I’m already on my 4th punch card after 6 weeks of living in this neighborhood.

I do an improv class once a week, because that’s what you do when you live in LA.

I track all the open mics I have attended on a google sheet, and as soon as I started feeling good about how many I’ve been to, I stopped going for a whole week.

I have been very consistent about applying sunscreen out here in the land of hazy sun, but instead of pale and beautiful my skin just looks pale and sickly because I’m not eating well.

My favorite days are the rare rainy days, of course.

I haven’t used my kitchen in weeks because I saw a couple cockroaches and emptied out my whole kitchen and got exterminators to come and I’m too afraid to start using it again.

I had big plans for today and I think I’m about to bail on all of them and go lie down.

But later this blog will be a place where I recount my adventures in the art of comedy and being confident and never jealous of other people’s success.

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